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Newark, NJ


Richard Meier 

      & Partners

Completed  2013

Teachers Village at Four Corners is a mixed-use development envisioned for downtown Newark south of Market Street and west of Broad Street. Teachers Village, which will en-compass seven new buildings and the restoration of the existing Calumet Building structure, includes Workforce Housing, Charter Schools and small to mid-scale retail located along Halsey Street between Branford Place and Hill Street. These elements will provide 221 residential units for teachers, comprised of studios, one bedroom and two bedroom apartments, three charter schools and a vari-ety of retail spaces at street level. Sustainable design, new landscaping and streetscape improvements, including signage, are integral to the goal of creating an exemplary design for a fl ourishing community in Newark. The design draws inspiration from the historical signifi cance of the intersection of Market Street and Broad Street, and an appreciation of the original character of Halsey Street as a major retail corridor, enlivened by musical and theatrical arts. While adding exciting and innovative build-ings, the project respects the scale and character of the historic fabric.  The designs refl ect the design team’s broad understanding of Newark and its culture, which is crucial for the sensitive integration of old and new.  Although some of the existing buildings on William Street are slated for demolition, the new buildings are designed with careful consideration of the existing materials, colors, rhythms, textures, proportions, and solid/void relationships.  Modern materials and construction methods are used in a respectful but deliberate way to represent the energy of a forward looking community seeking to recreate the once-vibrant streetscapes 
of this area. Common ordering principles found on the facades of the existing buildings inform the proportions and openings on each of the new facades. 

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