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Shenzhen, China

Shenzhen clubhouse
Richard Meier 

      & Partners

Completed  2011

Sited on a prominent island in the center of the OCT Lake, the 6,300sm Clubhouse facility provides special guests and members with a luxury restaurant, private dining suites, a multi-purpose area, as well as recreational facilities, fitness center and a small exhibit gallery.

The building design is unique in form and massing while retaining a timelessness of architectural identity. The firm’s signature guiding principles of white metal panel and mastery of natural light highlight the building. The overlay of solid planes and clear voids create depth through a play of shades and shadow from skylights and vertical screens. The geometry of the Clubhouse follows a precise focal point from which “layers” of distinct spaces radiate and terminate in a sweeping curve that is seen from the Urban Cultural and Entertainment District across the water. The outdoor spaces are conceived as a series of indigenous flower gardens, orchards, a pond, and a reflecting pool that cascades down from the main entrance lobby and flows to the perimeter.

OCT Shenzhen Clubhouse | MeierPartners

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