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Hamburg, Germany

ensemble am

Richard Meier 

      & Partners

Completed 2009

The Ensemble-Am-Sandtorpark, intended as a modern offi ce park for the coffee trade, revitalizes the area and is part of the urban redevelopment project HafenCity. The building complex is located to the south of Ham-burg’s Speicherstadt. Situated between the Sandtorpark in the west and the KLG-Achse in the east, the chosen site is bounded to the north by the Richard Meier designed Hamburg-America-Center. A public pedestrian walkway and a proposed apartment building and school adjacent to the walkway delimit the site to the south.
The net assignable area for the Turm amounts to 4,900m², (15,400m² gross area). The net assignable area for the Gebäude Nord amounts to 3,400m², (6,550m² gross area). The net assignable area for the Gebäude Süd amounts to 3.000m², (5,500m² gross area).
Above ground the Turm contains a ground fl oor, eleven upper fl oor levels and an additional penthouse level, labeled as “sculptural roofscape” with conference rooms. The Turm property also includes three subterranean levels designated for parking and technical spaces.

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